Campus quotes

Stine Friis Hals studies Text and Copywriting:

“The best thing is the people I’ve met – in my class, as well as my instructors and lecturers. There are so many great people here, and just being around such high achievers, makes me continuously push myself to do better.

Hans Olav Settem studies Popular Music:

“I am very pleased with my fellow students and with the teachers. I learned so much from Håkon Iversen – my voice instructor during my first two years. The way the school is set up helps you meet people you can learn from and benefit from knowing, both in the short and long run.

Anders Mikkelsen studies programming:

“What I value the most, is the actual study. It is just as challenging as you want it to be. At the same time, the entire teaching staff is very committed. I have emailed lecturers late in the evening, and they have responded right back. Socially, the range of personalities is wide, which means that everybody can be whomever they want to be. When you come here, as long as you engage yourself and communicate, you have the opportunity to grow in the areas you are interested in. And that is really unusual; I’ve never experienced an environment like this anywhere!”

Babatunde Adam Oluwalana studies Film and TV:

“The second best thing is that you can be creative and do almost whatever you want to. But what is best about this education, are the good friends, the collaboration that comes out of the friendships, and the networks you will have established by the time you finish.”

Kristin Naomi Sandstrand studies Project Management Arts and Creative Industries:

“I really love my class – we are super cool and creative; everybody has a different goal, which is a lot of fun. We also have really good lecturers, who are both clever and inspiring. I really enjoy the study, and I see that it can provide opportunities both while I’m in school and after I’ve graduated. Being submerged in all this culture and happiness all the time is a great plus!”

Collaboration across disciplines

Collaboration between Graphic Design, Interactive Design, and E-business has resulted in projects that inspire both admiration and reflection. Together, the lecturers Rolando Gonzalez from the Faculty of Technology, and Sam Bannister and Yann Charles M. Bougaran from the Graphic Design programme, wanted to encourage collaboration between students of graphic design and students of web development. They thought their disciplines would benefit from sharing skills and knowledge, and that something new and exciting would come out of it. They agreed to give the same assignment to the three different study programmes

– Graphic Design, Interactive Design, and E-business. 22 July 2011 is fixed in the Norwegian collective memory as a day of horror and grief. The assignment the students were given, was to thoroughly research and then visualise the entire event, or sections of it. The visualisations would be published online as digital storytelling. The purpose of the assignment was to explore how visual expressions combined with interactivity could promote storytelling and communication. Rolando Gonzalez says that the industry is seeking students who master cross-disciplinary collaboration, and that the motive behind this fusion of disciplines was just that: to help students from different programmes get together and share their knowledge.

The students were pleasantly surprised by the assignment, and that they were able to collaborate well across disciplines. Most students were very motivated, which is a main objective for us lecturers.

 ↳ Rolando Gonzales

37 groups, each comprising one to three students, submitted 37 projects. A main criterion was good interaction between coding and visual elements, so collaboration was key. While the topic could be seen to encourage the expression of strong emotions, downplaying the emotion can sometimes be more effective, and many chose just that approach. In April you had the opportunity to attend Live ACT, a student-led collaboration, in which approximately thirty bands and projects featuring artists, musicians and songwriters from Westerdals Department of Performing Arts, Music and Studio play showcase concerts around Oslo. For more information about the event, go to Live ACT’s website or Facebook page.

Research and development

Kristiania University College conducts research and development (R&D) in many exciting fields related to technology, communication, and the arts. We are also building expertise in artistic research. Our research activities ensure a strong professional knowledge base, from which we can develop innovative and relevant programmes, and help the students connect basic theory to practical assignments. Our scientific publications are registered in the national database Cristin (Current Research Information System in Norway). An overview of scientific publications from Kristiania University College  is provided here.